Through our core values, the University of Iowa strives to foster an environment in which there is a robust exchange of ideas. All members of our community should feel respected in their pursuit of excellence. The Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion operates as a driving force, guide, and catalyst for these change efforts by shifting campus culture to more inclusive, welcoming diversity, breaking down barriers to increase dialogue across differences, and affirming all identities.

Inclusive Education and Strategic Initiatives contribute to fulfilling our central and departmental diversity, equity, and inclusion mission and vision. We strive to connect, empower, and transform all who engage with our office. We do so through our programming, intentional campus partnerships, coaching, consulting, and resource creation to meet the more significant needs of the university.

Professional Development

Our trainers offer in-person and virtual, application-based sessions and host events that centralize the voices of marginalized populations and recognize achievement for equity efforts.

Strategic Initiatives

Diversity, equity, and inclusion work can be challenging, so we are happy to speak with you about any concerns you or your office might have and provide consultation for self-learning, guidance, and support. 

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